Wellington Combined Society of Bellringers

Treble Place Method Tables

These tables have been developed by Ruth Lightbourne. They show the work above and below the treble for different classes of treble place methods.

The available tables are:

True Treble Place Methods
Internally False Treble Place Methods

Editorial Policy: The treble place method tables are devoted to both true and internally false methods with the treble path 121233445656, and are limited to those which do not have fifth's place made unless the treble is at the half lead. Methods that are internally false are limited to double and triple changes only, and to methods with no more than two consecutive blows in one place, apart from the lead end. True methods, which by their very nature require single change places at symbols 5 and 7, will all have three blows in one place, but more than that are excluded. Lead ends of 12, 14, and 16 are included. For named methods the lead end letter code is given, and for un-named methods of any length the first lead head row is provided. Methods with a true plain course of five leads will have a star (*) at the end of the lead-head row. Sources for the methods include the Central Council Collection of Alliance Methods and Visual Method Archive v7.