North Island Cluster

The ringers in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington have combined into a North Island Cluster (NIC) for training purposes. The Cluster is organised informally by discussion between the ringers in the three centres. There is no constitution, no membership requirement and there are no officers. Any ringer may attend the training days. Please prepare adequately so that we can achieve our objectives.

Initially training sessions will be arranged in Hamilton and Wellington because they have mini rings. We expect to have five sessions in 2020, including the Wellington Ringing Festival. A session will last two or three days. The dates will be announced on this page as soon as they are arranged.

A subsidy from ANZAB towards reasonable travel expenses will be available to ANZAB members. To apply for a grant, send an email to the organiser of the event you wish to attend, stating your mode of travel and the cost in the case of using public transport, at least four weeks before the start of the event. You will receive 50% of that sum at the event.
For private road travel the grant is:
Wellington-Hamilton return and vice-versa: $80.
Wellington-Auckland return and vice versa: $95.
Auckland-Hamilton return and vice versa: $30.
For public transport, the grant will be 50% of the cost of your ticket. Please book early and minimise the cost.
When asking for a grant, you must also state your objective(s) for the event. The objective(s) may be method related, striking related, conducting related, theory related or anything else, but no objective(s), no grant.

If you are not asking for a grant but will be attending an event, please email the organiser with your objectives at least four weeks before the event. In 2020, part of the aim of the training sessions will be to support ringers who have enrolled in the CCCBR pathways. The organiser will email attendees before the event indicating the objectives requested.

2020 Training Days.

Wellington January 27th and 28th. Organiser - Derek Williams

Wellington February 28th - March 1st. Organiser - Derek Williams:

Hamilton September 30th - October 2nd. Organiser - Mary Sluter:

Wellington (Festival) October 23rd - 26th. Organiser - Derek Williams:

Hamilton December. Organiser - Mary Sluter: